mercoledì 17 giugno 2009

Dignity or Money?

Dear folks,
today we want to tell you about what happened to us in these last days.I think you know that we have other small shops all around SL, we do not want to say the names of these lands for obvious reasons but we can tell you that, in these days, we have been "forced" to leave a couple of shops. You might think that we left because the sales were not good or there was not a good traffic, etc. ... no this was not the reason, sales were very good indeed in these lands and also the traffic was very good. So Why? Now we go to explain that. Many of you know that some people have copied our baggys and our style, we have reported that but still nothing happened... but now imagine if close to your store you see the shop of these thieves without ideas. So we have reported that to the owners of the mall and they replied us: "I can do nothing" .. you can do NOTHING? you're the owner ... you have a conscience you admit that they copy us and you can do NOTHING? it seems nobody want to take responsibility, everyone is waiting for others to do or to say, but where is the dignity? where is gone the integrity of the people, solidarity against a common evil? All still waiting, doing nothing, waiting somebody else fix the problems. We are the first that we must do something. We are disgusted by the behavior of these owners that among other things are not even realizing that their land are just filling only with thieves because honest creators dont bear more to have a shop next to these despicable people. That is why we decided to close the stores in these lands because as honest creators we cannot to be witness and to be part of this outrageous behavior. We will lose money for that but never mind, better lose money than lose the dignity and become accomplices of this rotten system. Shame on you owners without courage, you prefer a quiet life we know, but you're losing your dignity.We wait your comments here my dear friends... for the moment that's all...

Stay tuned

3 commenti:

  1. hmmmm damn... it looks like you can buy dignity with money too.....

  2. Can you post the names of the shops? Those of us that love and support your baggies don't want to accidentally pay some ripoff imposters.

  3. No Jason i'm sorry but that would be not correct to post the names.. by the way it's very easy to recognize copied ones... you know our baggys our style.. look at the quality.. the price.. and you'll know...